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Secrets to Peace

by Elliott Teters

Here are brief descriptions of the last six Secrets to Peace and an invitation to read, in case you missed them when they first were published.what should I 580

Did God Create us for a certain purpose? If so, does this mean we have no free will and that we need never take responsibility for the choices we make? These questions are explored in this piece from October 8th.

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On Writing and Naming: In this piece, Elliott, intimated that he was finding himself really challenged when he tried to write something worthy of sharing. Since he had discarded all of his weekly writings, he decided to share wisdom from Stephen Mitchell and Byron Katie from the book A Thousand Names for Joy.

to love as my child 580

In Learning to Love as Love Itself loves, Elliott points out that the most important work we will ever do is to remove any blockage to loving as Love Itself loves. These three steps are forgiving, loving oneself, and learning not to judge.

look with new eyes 580

In Seven Ways to See With new Eyes Elliott offers us seven ideas for looking at the world with eyes which are not limited by one’s past. To see the world through the eyes of a child, with a mind unpolluted by memories, makes it easy to dwell in peace.

our thoughts create the world 580

In A Thought is a Terrible Thing to Waste Elliott discussed the fact that thoughts have power. They have the power to heal (positive thoughts) and they have the power to create illness (negative thinking.)

what we say 580

In We Demonstrate our Truth Eliott points out that what we say means very little, what we do truly demonstrates our truth more accurately than what we say. To live in integrity, it is essential our words match our behavior.

for writing 580

I invite you to take time to read any of these last six postings on Secrets To Peace which you may have missed, and if you read them all, it might be a good idea to revisit some of them. I also encourage you to share your reactions, thoughts, and wisdom in the comments section of each post. You may share something that someone else is needing to hear.

Thank you each and every one for being here. I love and appreciate you and hope you find something of value in these thoughts.

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