About Me


This site is another creation of Elliott Teters, student of Love.

As I stated in the first blog post, my laptop broke and instead of writing daily posts on my SecretstoPeace.com blog, I posted pictures all week. I have been creating and posting picture quotes for nearly a year at facebook.com/one1now a page I call Intuitive Endeavors. I enjoy this as I enjoy taking pictures, manipulating the pictures, collecting the quotes, and then putting them all together. I currently have about sixty of this in reserve and many more that I have already used.

As I stated I am a Student of Love who enjoys sharing what he has learned on a thirty plus year spiritual journey through writing, speaking, and now through sharing quotes which speak to me. I intend to create many other blogs and I am hoping that I refine my talents here so that I may be able to create them quickly.

I hope you enjoy these picture quotes as much as I enjoy creating them.

Peace dear friends,


Elliott Teters